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Hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy

OCT, Inc. has been working on practical application of environmental-friendly Hydrogen energy with OCT Hydrogen Generation Fuel Cell System.

Global environmental problems came out, and Hydrogen has become to attract attention as clean energy.
OCT, Inc. has developed the cutting-edge technology based on the study of Hydrogen of many years, and got high evaluation from all quarters.

OCT Hydrogen Generation Fuel Cell System

OCT, Inc. has been published in “74 Selected Leading Japanese Nano-tech companies
by Daily Publication Industry Newspaper.

74 Selected Leading Japanese Nano-tech companies by Daily Publication Industry Newspaper
Fuel Cell Driving System for Educational material

OCT, Inc. has been highly evaluated by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

“OCT Hydrogen Generation System” fuel cell system

OCT, Inc. had developed own system by jointly research with Hyogo Prefectural Industrial Technology Center.



OCT, Inc. has been worked for soil improvement, and water purification with own material based on organic sulfide compound (Salfate ion) and hydrogen ion.

By Radioactive pollutant leak accident of Tokyo Electric Power’s Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, large amount of radioactive material has been released, and it is a big environmental problem. OCT, Inc has been worked for the decontamination examination of radioactive contaminated soil by using OCT soil conditioner “Power Perk” composed mainly of organic sulfide compound.

2017.9.22 Acquired a patent. Patent Number:6212353,
“Decontamination method of the contaminated soil :radioactive substance”

OCT Soil Conditioner “Power Perk”

“Power Perk” is effective for the decontamination of the
Radioactive cesium.
It eliminates radioactive cesium in contaminated soil and
recovers to harmless soil in 2 or 3 hours.

OCT Soil Conditioner Power Perk
Result of the decontamination
experiment of radioactive
contaminated soil by “Power Perk”

(Analysis of radioactive measurement method series 7 of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan)

Treatment original soil (contaminated soil by radioactive cesium) by “Power Perk”.
This shows the change of the time and the amount of radioactive cesium in the soil.

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