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Privacy policy

1. Overview

1. OCT,Inc., a manager of this site respects user’s privacy, and pay close attention to management of user’s personal information.

2. We are responsible to protect personal information as explained below, and enforce, maintain, constantly improve the policy. We keep laws and the regulations for the protection of personal information.

2. Personal Information

1. In this privacy policy, “Personal Information” is the information of living individuals – such as name, internet address, telephone number we could identify, including information we could collate with other information easily and identify specific individual.

3. Collection of Personal Information.

1. OCT, Inc. collects personal information in legal and fair way, not against user’s intention.

2. We notify and announce the purpose of use to collect personal information in advance.

4. Purpose of Use of Personal Information.

1. OCT,Inc. uses collected user’s personal information as below.

(1) To use when we reply for user’s inquiries and contacts.

(2) To use when we send the customer the estimate sheets for request, or send them invoices or materials.

(3) To request the customers about our services or opinions.

(4) To advice or warn the customers who violate or may violate the rules of each regulation of our site.

(5) To demand the responsibility to the customers who have duty against OCT, Inc.

5. Providing of Personal Information to the Third Party.

1. OCT, Inc. would not disclose collected personal information to the third party in the Personal Information Protection Law, and the Administrative Scrivener Method. But except the following cases.

(1) Disclosure is admitted by laws.

(2) Disclosure was demanded by laws.

(3) To protect one’s life, physique, and property in the case getting agreement of the person is difficult.

(4) Disclosure is demanded by public institutions such as the police, prosecution, court, and consumers center.

6. Management of Personal Information.

1. OCT, Inc. manages personal information in the Personal Information Protection Law, and the Administrative Scrivener Method, and try strictly for confidentiality. But we wouldn’t guarantee for users for the prevention of disclosure, vanish, tamper of the information by the others at all.

7. Up-date and Accuracy of the Personal Information.

1. OCT, Inc. would try to keep accurate and newest information of the users for the purpose of its usage.

8. Collation by the Users.

1. OCT, Inc. would confirm the individual in case of user’s collation, correction, addition and deletion are demanded. We manage collation within a reasonable period of time when we judge it by user’s collation.

9. Change of Purpose of the Usage.

1. Changes of privacy policy such as the change of purpose of the usage, and management system will be effective at the time it’s published in the site.

10. Disclaimer

1. OCT, Inc. would not take responsibility at all as below, even if user’s personal information is obtained by the third party.

(1) Disclosure of user’s personal information to the third party with the function of this site, or other way.

(2) Ratification of acquisition of the third party’s personal information by the user.

(3) Acquisition of personal information from the other linked site in this site.

2. 当社は、本サイト上のリンク先のウェブサイトにおけるプライバシー保護に関して一切責任を負いません。リンク先への訪問等は、利用者自身の責任にて行うものとします。

11. Administration

1. Administration of personal information in OCT, Inc. is below. Reference about personal information is same.

  • Company name

    OCT, Inc.

  • Administration manager

    Yoshiro Tanaka

  • Address

    KIBC South 253, 5-5-2 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan 650-0047

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